Dr Kym Brindle and Dr Laura Eastlake portrait imagesEHU19 academics Dr Kym Brindle and Dr Laura Eastlake have published a special issue of the Wilkie Collins Journal. The issue explores the theme of materiality in the works of Wilkie Collins (1824-1889) and how everyday objects, from pocket watches and letters, to fashion, fabric and even human hair help to convey mystery and meaning in some of the most popular novels of the Victorian period.

Wilkie Collins was the author of many novels, plays and short stories including The Woman in White (1859-60) and The Moonstone (1868)both of which have been adapted into popular TV series in recent years. A close friend and collaborator of Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins was one of the leading names in Victorian ‘Sensation Fiction’, a genre whose plots often featured cases of divorce, crime, bigamy, or secrets designed to shock Victorian readers.

Dr Kym Brindle is an expert on materiality and the author of Epistolary Encounters in Neo-Victorian Fiction: Diaries and Letters (2014). Dr Laura Eastlake researches Victorian masculinity and has published on the novels of Wilkie Collins.

The special issue is available online from the Wilkie Collins Journal  The most current issue is available to members of the Wilkie Collins Society, but will become available for free when future issues are published.