Patrick McMullan
BA (Hons) History
MA History and Culture

Rated researcher

The independent research skills that Patrick developed and perfected through his undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses at Edge Hill, led to employment as a Ratings Researcher prior to graduating from his MA in History and Culture.

Despite being unsure on which sector to focus his job search, Patrick knew he wanted to be a researcher. He completed a comprehensive level of primary research as a History student at Edge Hill, enjoying analysing multiple databases and the freedom that came with being able to develop his own research methods. Inform CPI, a global company specialising in providing digital property data solutions and services, were impressed by Patrick’s ability to manage workloads, write reports and compile evidence and research for cases, and these skills were tested in the application and interview process. After working with the company for a short time he has been promoted to the position of Senior Ratings Researcher.

“The skills developed through a History degree – critical and analytical thinking, ability to synthesize information and to present a persuasive argument – are highly valued by most employers, beyond the fields of education and academia. Patrick’s success at this early stage of his career is a great example of the variety of career options open to History graduates.”

Dr Nicky Tsougarakis, Senior Lecturer in History