A picture of Luke Blackburn in RAF Uniform.
Luke Blackburn

A topflight student from Edge Hill University is sitting on cloud nine after being offered a job with the RAF before he’s even graduated.

Luke Blackburn, from St Helens, is currently in his second year of studying history. He has always been attracted to the military life having joined the cadets in school and upon starting University, he joined the Liverpool University Air Squadron which is made up of students from across Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire.

Luke said: “I’ve always wanted to go into the armed forces. I really enjoy the lifestyle, the international travel, the friends you make and of course, the discipline and rigorous training. And as for the RAF, who doesn’t want to be able to fly? But they also play a huge role in international affairs, and they’re always at the forefront of international situations because they can get to locations so quickly. Just look at the way the RAF has delivered vaccines and aid during the pandemic, it’s amazing.

“I want to protect my country and help people in other countries. It will be incredible to play my part in their work.”

Before Luke has even entered his third year of university, let alone graduated, he has been offered a full-time role in the RAF and expects to start as soon as he graduates in summer 2022.

A picture of Luke Blackburn in a helicopter.
Luke Blackburn

“It’s brilliant to have been offered a job with the RAF.” Luke added. “I can’t thank Edge Hill and the University Squadron enough for all they’ve given me, I wouldn’t have got the job without them.”

Luke has praised his history degree course for giving him the knowledge he needs to succeed in his future career, and thinks that his firm grasp of history gives him key insights into current international affairs and how past military interventions have affect people’s lives all the way up to the present day.

“I’ve loved history from a young age and wanted to stay local for university. Edge Hill stood out as an amazing local university and the history course delves deep into world politics with modules looking at American Politics and the history of the dispute between Israel and Palestine.

“Learning about these topics has informed the way I think about current affairs. History also helps me see where people are coming from and think about other perspectives. All these things are essential for my future career.”

Luke also praised the opportunities provided to him by the Liverpool University squadron who have given him unique experiences and training while working alongside 50 other students from North West universities.

Luke explained: “I’d really encourage people to join, you don’t have to go into the military at the end, but you do get a taste of military life and make loads of friends. You’ll learn to be adaptable, think on your feet and gain leadership skills.”

For more about the University Air Squadron visit their website which explains what’s involved and how to sign up.

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