Special Issue Celebrating Popular Victorian Author Wilkie Collins

EHU19 academics Dr Kym Brindle and Dr Laura Eastlake have published a special issue of the Wilkie Collins Journal. The issue explores the theme of materiality in the works of Wilkie Collins (1824-1889) and how everyday objects, from pocket watches and letters, to fashion, fabric and even human hair help to convey mystery and meaning […]

Launch of Campus France UK

Dr Daniel Gordon, History Erasmus and Study Abroad Tutor On 10 May 2019 I was invited to the French Ambassador’s Residence in London to a reception to mark the launch of Campus France UK. This information office is a branch of the French government agency promoting opportunities in France for foreign students and researchers, as […]

Linguistics Research Seminar

Wednesday 6 March 2019, 2 pm, W10 (Wilson Building) Jonathan Culpeper (Lancaster University) Shakespeare’s language: New perspectives from corpus linguistics The study of Shakespeare’s language has not made full use of corpora and their related methods, despite the fact that corpus linguistics infuses the making of today’s dictionaries and grammars, and indeed much of historical […]

Linguistics Research Seminar

Wednesday 13 February, 2pm, M46 (Main Building) Dr Helen Faye West (University of Chester) How ‘Scouse’ are Ormskirk and Southport? Abstract Sociolinguistic studies that have focussed on identity have argued that speaker identity is accentuated in border regions due to speakers’ desire to project a strong sense of distinctiveness (Watt, Llamas, Docherty, Hall, & Nycz 2014, […]

Issue 3 of ‘MONITOR Global Intelligence on Racism’ OUT NOW

MONITOR Global Intelligence on Racism is a multimedia magazine dedicated to bringing expertise on racism to public debate. Issue 3 is out now, with podcasts, videos, and art. ErRS convenor Professor James Renton is the Academic Advisor at MONITOR, which is based at the European University Institute in Italy. The latest issue includes: ErRS convenor […]

Global Islamophobia and Antisemitism- The Next ErRS Symposium

In 2017, ErRS convenor Professor James Renton and Dr Ben Gidley (Birkbeck) published the paperback, Antisemitism and Islamophobia in Europe: A Shared Story? (Palgrave Macmillan). In The Sociological Review, Professor Ivan Kalmar (Toronto) wrote of the book, “Meticulously scholarly yet accessible in language, it should be required reading for both specialists and the general public […]