Rated researcher

Rated researcher

Patrick developed independent research skills, perfected through his degree courses at Edge Hill, that led to employment as a Ratings Researcher prior to graduating from his MA in History and Culture.

Making history

Karen Van Ecker

Like many History students, Karen Van Eker came to university aspiring to become a History teacher and, after graduating with excellent grades, won a highly sought after place on Edge Hill’s PGCE programme.

Kings of comedy

Kings of Comedy

Far from being the humourless, dour puritans of popular imagination, the Victorians were actually prolific jokers, according to pioneering research by Edge Hill History lecturer, Dr Bob Nicholson.

History in action

Jack Lloyd

With graduate employers increasingly looking beyond qualifications for evidence of workplace experience, the History Department launched a new module to give its students the best chance possible in a highly competitive job market.

Read All About It! Books That Inspired Our Academics 2

In our occasional series, we ask our academics to tell us about the books that made their subject worth studying.2: Prof Alyson Brown, Associate Head of Department (Research and Postgraduate)I read Maternity: Letters from Working Women (edited by Marga…

Read All About It! The Books That Inspired Our Academics

Reading lists are a common feature of most courses, consisting of the minimum you must read to scrape by.  But really they are just the springboard from which you can dive into your chosen area of study, which can reveal hidden depths the further you g…