Public Event: Suffragette Symposium 28th February 2018

The Wonder Women Campaign:  ‘100 Years of Women’s Right to Vote’ Suffragette Symposium Wednesday 28th February 2018 The Tech Hub, Edge Hill University 2.00pm – 9.00pm Register Here Celebrating the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote in the UK, GenSex and the Institute for Creative Enterprise present the Suffragette Symposium which will […]

Christopher Pittard on: ‘A Case of Perspective: Sidney Paget’s Visions of Sherlock Holmes

The ‘VICTORIANS at Edge Hill’ seminar was pleased to welcome its third distinguished speaker, Dr Christopher Pittard, Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the University of Portsmouth. Dr Pittard spoke to students, staff and visitors about his latest research on Sidney Paget, illustrator and creator of some of the most iconic images of Arthur Conan […]

Ethnicity, Race, and Racism Seminar Series

Edge Hill’s long-running ‘Ethnicity, Race and Racism Seminar’ series returns this spring. ErRS is an interdisciplinary research hub that explores pressing contemporary questions of race, racism, and ethnicity across time and space. Each year, we run a themed seminar programme and a symposium. Our focus for 2017 is ‘Lived Experiences of Anti-Racism Activism in Europe Since the […]