Issue 3 of ‘MONITOR Global Intelligence on Racism’ OUT NOW

MONITOR Global Intelligence on Racism is a multimedia magazine dedicated to bringing expertise on racism to public debate. Issue 3 is out now, with podcasts, videos, and art. ErRS convenor Professor James Renton is the Academic Advisor at MONITOR, which is based at the European University Institute in Italy. The latest issue includes: ErRS convenor […]

Global Islamophobia and Antisemitism- The Next ErRS Symposium

In 2017, ErRS convenor Professor James Renton and Dr Ben Gidley (Birkbeck) published the paperback, Antisemitism and Islamophobia in Europe: A Shared Story? (Palgrave Macmillan). In The Sociological Review, Professor Ivan Kalmar (Toronto) wrote of the book, “Meticulously scholarly yet accessible in language, it should be required reading for both specialists and the general public […]

In Conversation With Cathie Lloyd

Memoirs Of A Keyboard Warrior – 20 March 2018 Edge Hill University Ethnicity, ‘Race’ and Racism Seminar is delighted to welcome the final speaker in the interview series Lived Experiences of Anti-Racist Activism in Europe Since the 1970s. Cathie Lloyd is the former Head of Research at the Commission for Racial Equality and Research Fellow (Universities of […]

MONITOR: Global Intelligence on Racism

Dr James Renton, Reader in History at Edge Hill University, has helped to launch the world’s first multi-media magazine bringing expertise on racism to public debate: MONITOR: Global Intelligence on Racism.  The magazine is a collaboration between Edge Hill University and the European University Institute in Florence. The first issue includes: Exclusive: on the new Trade Union […]

ErRS Symposium; ‘The 1970s: The High Tide of British Anti-Racism?’ – A Reflection

On 22 September 2017, the Ethnicity, ‘Race’ and Racism Seminar held its fifth annual symposium at Edge Hill University. The theme of this year’s symposium was ‘The 1970s: The High Tide of British Anti-Racism?’ and the speakers prompted keen reflections on the history and broad variety of anti-racist expression and activism. It was a day […]

CFP: The 1970s: The High Tide of British Anti-Racism?

Call for Papers: Day-long Symposium, 22 September 2017, Edge Hill University’s Ethnicity, ‘Race’ and Racism Seminar 5th Annual Symposium. 2017 will mark the fortieth anniversary of two seminal events in the history of anti-racism in Britain: the Battle of Lewisham on 13 August 1977 and the subsequent founding of the Anti-Nazi League (ANL). The 1970s […]

Ethnicity, Race, and Racism Seminar Series

Edge Hill’s long-running ‘Ethnicity, Race and Racism Seminar’ series returns this spring. ErRS is an interdisciplinary research hub that explores pressing contemporary questions of race, racism, and ethnicity across time and space. Each year, we run a themed seminar programme and a symposium. Our focus for 2017 is ‘Lived Experiences of Anti-Racism Activism in Europe Since the […]