Vampire Bites Creative Contest

vampire lips

EHU Nineteen Research Centre are pleased to join forces with Dacre Stoker—Bram Stoker’s great grand-nephew—and Dr Chris McAuley to announce a creative competition for Edge Hill University students. From Victorian villain to modern-day boyfriend material, and from social outcasts to avengers of injustice, the vampire has taken many forms. You are invited to submit your […]

Year 2 students explore the long afterlife of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Year 2 students Abbie Hope and Katherine Duffy explore the long afterlife of Dracula, what the vampire means for culture today, and some of the events coming up at Edge Hill as we head into the 125th anniversary year of Bram Stoker’s novel. This October, Liverpool’s Playhouse Theatre hosted five nights of Imitating the Dog’s […]

BARS/BAVS Nineteenth Century Matters Fellowships 2021-22

19thC matters fellowship poster featuring 19thC man and his family next to two camels

EHU Nineteen is delighted to be hosting the BARS/BAVS Nineteenth Century Matters Fellowship for 2021-2022. Outline Nineteenth-Century Matters is an initiative jointly run by the British Association for Romantic Studies and the British Association for Victorian Studies. Now in its sixth year, it is aimed at postdoctoral researchers who have completed their PhD, but who […]

Applications now open for EHU Nineteen and Wilkie Collins Fellowships 2021-22

  EHU Nineteen Research Centre and the Wilkie Collins Journal are pleased to announce two new fellowships designed to enable early career researchers to undertake innovative new research in nineteenth-century topics. The fellowships will provide up to £700 towards the cost of research expenses, as well as Visiting Researcher status with EHU Nineteen, access to […]

Edge Hill’s new Masters degree will change the way we think about the Victorians

Edge Hill has launched a fascinating new Masters degree in Nineteenth Century Studies that will take students on a journey through the culture, literature, people and history of the nineteenth century.Devised by some of the UK’s leading experts in the literature, history, and cultural heritage of the nineteenth century, the one year Nineteenth Century Studies […]

Experts to address the controversial legacy of 19th century art

Poster showing Dracula holding a lantern

The controversial views displayed in some of the 19th century’s most notable artwork will be the centre of debate during a special event hosted by Edge Hill University. Leading experts in 19th century art will meet to challenge whether the era’s outdated views still bear relevance to modern society in a virtual event on Friday 12th March, 15:00-18:30. Breaking Barriers: Nineteenth Century Visual Culture in the Woke Age will welcome speakers from a range […]

Call for Submissions — Women In Power: Female Agency in the Nineteenth Century

Edited by Dr. Fern Riddell, Dr. Emma Butcher, and Dr. Bob Nicholson, ‘Women In Power: Female Agency in the Nineteenth Century’ will seek to challenge the view that the public sphere was overwhelmingly male, and reveal the many places in which Victorian women wielded power and agency.  This edited collection will showcase both the professional […]

Edge Hill academic awarded Honorary Research Fellowship ahead of major exhibition

exhibition poster featuring John Collier's Lilith

An Edge Hill academic has been awarded a prestigious Honorary Research Fellowship ahead of a major exhibition on the femme fatale. Dr Laura Eastlake, Senior Lecturer in English Literature, has been awarded the fellowship by The Atkinson museum and gallery in Southport to develop research into ancient worlds and nineteenth-century art. Laura said: “I’m delighted […]

Academic awarded prestigious fellowship for ‘ridiculous’ research

Photograph of Andrew McInnes

What does it mean to feel ridiculous? How can ridiculousness help us to develop new perspectives on the Romantic period, 1750-1850? Dr Andrew McInnes, Senior Lecturer in English Literature, has been awarded Arts and Humanities Research Council Early Career Leadership Fellow funding, worth nearly a quarter of a million pounds, to find out. The AHRC’s […]

Student explores the world of Victorian ‘Vinegar Valentines’

Vinegar valentine cartoon showing a woman tipping water over a suitor

Year 2 History student Grace Marks has curated a display on Victorian ‘vinegar valentines’ as part of her history community project module. The display will be featured at the Atkinson in Southport as part of the ‘We Are Not Amused’ exhibition on nineteenth-century humour. ‘We Are Not Amused’ is curated by researchers in Edge Hill’s […]