Dr Kym Brindle portrait image

Dr Kym Brindle

On May 15th, Dr Kym Brindle travelled to Málaga to attend ‘Neo-Victorian ‘Orientations’ in the Twenty-First Century’, the most recent gathering of neo-Victorian scholars from around the world.

Dr Brindle delivered a paper that examined the cultural intersections between Golden Age detective fiction and neo-Victorian historical crime novels. Her research looked at two novels by contemporary crime writer Nicola Upson who writes neo-Victorian pastiche with a twist. Two of Upson’s novels revisit infamous nineteenth-century crimes – ‘The Red Barn Murder’ and the ‘Finchley Baby Farmers’. The crimes are interrogated from the perspective of an interwar female amateur investigator who has a personal stake in the legacies of both cases. Upson takes readers back to nineteenth-century Gothic sensation through a pastiche prism of inter-war social history.

Dr Brindle is the author of Epistolary Encounters in Neo-Victorian Fiction: Diaries and Letters (2014) and her latest research project examines letter writing and postal culture in mid-twentieth-century women’s writing.