On Wednesday 14 March at 4pm GMT, Edge Hill’s Senior Lecturer in European History Dr Daniel Gordon will be joining other international experts for a Virtual Roundtable on May 1968 and the Legacies of Protest in France and Europe, hosted by the European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh.

MODERATOR: Jae-Jae Spoon, Department of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh

PANELISTS: Chris Reynolds, Nottingham Trent University; Salar Mohandesi, Bowdoin College; Daniel Gordon, Edge Hill University; Giuseppina Mecchia, Department of French and Italian, University of Pittsburgh

‘May 1968’ is synonymous with the unrest that unfolded in Paris and beyond between students, trade unions, the police and the government over four long weeks.  The events culminated in parliamentary elections later that summer, in which the Gaullists won an even bigger majority than they had previously held, and the resignation of President De Gaulle the following year and his replacement by another Gaullist leader. Yet even though it seemed as though nothing had changed, politics, policy, and society in France were arguably never the same again.  Join our panel of experts in an interactive virtual roundtable discussion of the legacies of these notorious events on protest and participation, left-wing movements and parties, human rights and imperialism, and immigration in France and throughout Europe.  Audience participation is encouraged.  For information on how to join remotely, please contact irm24@pitt.edu.