Call for Papers: Day-long Symposium, 22 September 2017, Edge Hill University’s Ethnicity, ‘Race’ and Racism Seminar 5th Annual Symposium.

2017 will mark the fortieth anniversary of two seminal events in the history of anti-racism in Britain: the Battle of Lewisham on 13 August 1977 and the subsequent founding of the Anti-Nazi League (ANL). The 1970s was a period of popular and co-ordinated anti-racist/anti-fascist resistance against the far-right and institutional racism within British society. Anti-racism at this time mushroomed into a diverse movement, appealing to a mass audience through its synthesis of music, ideological politics and youth culture. Events such as the Grunwick Dispute of 1976-78 and the foundation of the Southall Black Sisters in 1979 revealed the increasing involvement of ethnic minority groups and organizations in political and anti-racist activism.

We invite papers from across disciplinary boundaries to discuss the nature of anti-racist activism during this period. We also welcome speakers who wish to talk and reminisce about their personal experiences of activism in historical perspective. Given London’s significance as a hub of organisation during the 1970s there can be a tendency to overlook anti-racist activism elsewhere. We therefore welcome papers on the North-West of England or other regions of Britain as well as papers on London.

In recognition of the ‘borderless’ nature of social movements in solidarity, we also invite papers or proposals on anti-racism in European perspective. In keeping with the theme of the ‘Ethnicity, ‘Race’ and Racism Seminar’ (ERRS) series of Spring 2017, ‘Lived Experiences of Anti-Racist Activism in Europe’, we would be pleased to accept papers on parallels or intersections between British anti-racism and anti-racism elsewhere in Europe in the 1970s.

Paper proposals should consist of a paper title and 300 word abstract. Please send these to Patrick Soulsby at by 21 July 2017.