Members of the project are involved in the following research and joint writing.

Charles Boachie:  PhD working title  Functions and distribution of Student Pidgin in Ghana

Kari Dako and Millicent Quarcoo: ‘Attitudes to language in Ghana’, forthcoming in International Journal of  the Sociology of Language

Wendy Murdock: PhD working title  The construction of student identity through written discourse:  A critical discourse analysis of student produced texts within a community of practice

Millicent Quarcoo:  PhD working title  The role of language practices and values among students in one Ghanaian university’

Millicent Quarcoo:  Copula verbs and multi-word verbs in Twi/English codeswitching’.  Paper presented at 43rd Annual Conference on African Linguistics, Tulane University, New Orleans, USA, March 15-17 2012. 

Elizabeth Orfson-Offei (formerly Quartey):  PhD working title:  Phonological features of English as spoken by university students from the north of Ghana’

Jo Arthur Shoba, Kari Dako and Elizabeth Orfson-Offei:  ‘Locally Acquired Foreign Accent’ among speakers of Ghanaian English: A passing fad?   Paper presented at ISB8, University of Oslo, June 2011.  Revised as  ‘I didn’t know fake has officially been given a name lol’: the phenomenon of Locally Acquired Foreign Accent (LAFA) in contemporary Ghana.  Forthcoming in World Englishes, 2013.

Jo Arthur Shoba and Millicent Quarcoo:  Twi-English Code Switching in Ghana: emerging forms and social functions   Paper presented at AILA World Congress, Beijing, August 2011.  Revised as ‘English in the Mix: Evolving roles of English in the language practices of Twi speakers in Ghana’. Language Matters, 43, 1: 77-96.

Jo Arthur Shoba:  The formation of language values and language policy beliefs among teacher educators in Ghana: A life history approach.  In Jo Arthur Shoba and Feliciano Chimbutane (eds) Bilingual Education and Language Policy in the Global South  (Routledge 2013).

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