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gensex-yellowGenSex’s 2016-17 Programme has restarted …

Gender, History and Memory

Tuesday 21st March, Room Hub 1 (Main Building, Ormskirk Campus), 12-1pm.

Sarah Irving: Women or wheelbarrows? Female labour on British archaeological excavations in Ottoman Palestine:  

The mention of archaeological digs in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries generally conjures up images of pith-helmets,mustachioed gentleman explorers, and white male academic expertise. But archives such as those of the Palestine Exploration Fund highlights the fact that the majority of those working on excavations in Late Ottoman Palestine were local Arab labourers, and that many of these were women and girls. Focusing on the story of Huda, a young woman worker at Tel el-Hesi, a site midway between Gaza City and Hebron dug in the 1890s, this talk explores the world of these women workers, what we can (and cannot) know about them, and why they vanished from the archaeological record.

Mason Norton: Le masculin-féminin or Masculinities/Femininities? Resistance in France & the Gender Spectrum, 1940-44

This paper explores the issue of gender in the French Resistance between 1940 and 1944, looking at both masculinities and femininities. It will demonstrate the extent to which gender, which was rarely, if ever, explicit in resistance, governed and conditioned roles, activities and movements in resistance, not just along traditional conceptions of the role of men and women in war, but also at the existence of ‘alt’ masculinities and femininities, such as female political activism in a country where women did not have the vote until 1945, and men whose resistance did not fit into the stereotypical image of the male resister. Finally, this paper will look at how gender has shaped the writing of the history of the Resistance, and the forging of its memory.

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The Feminist/Female Experience

Tuesday 7th February, Room M46 (Main Building, Ormskirk Campus), 5.00-6.30 pm

Jessica Tillings

Self Anti/Anatomic : A debut collection of poetry, focusing on female anatomy and sexuality

Biography: Jessica Tillings is a poet, editor & short fiction writer from Hampshire, UK. Based in West Lancashire, she is currently studying an undergraduate Creative Writing Degree at Edge Hill University. She specialises in innovative form and practice in poetry. She is the Head Editor & Poetry Editor for Black Market Re-View and a Scheduling & Design intern for Edge Hill University Press. Previously, she was the Editorial assistant for The Wolf Magazine. Her poetry has appeared in Datableedzine & her short fiction has appeared in The Pygmy Giant. She is also the winner of the 2016 Rhiannon Evans Poetry Prize.

Personal & Project Blog:

Sergio A. Silverio

Flimsy Floppy Females or Hard & Fast Feminists: How Lifecourse Analysis and ‘Female Psychology’ can provide an insight into under-researched groups of women’.

Abstract: The Psychology of Women has usually been divided into two strands of research – the first, ‘Feminist Psychology’ focussing on women’s identity within industrio-social hierarchies; the second, ‘Feminine Psychology’ exploring the challenges faced by those with a female gender identity.  With a renaissance in the field of qualitative methodology it can be argued a third strand is required to fully understand the narratives and transitions of women’s mental health and social wellbeing over the lifecourse.  This strand, I refer to as: ‘Female Psychology’.  Using examples from a recent research project examining gender identity in never married older women, this talk shall attempt to give an insight into a my research, blending qualitative methods with longstanding feminist philosophies of women to give an insight into a lifecourse analysis of a relatively under-researched group within society.

Biography: Sergio A. Silverio graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2016 with an Integrated Masters of Psychological Sciences (Clinical & Health Psychology).  He maintains a primary research interest in women’s psychological health and wellbeing over the lifecourse, especially in relation to gender identity, psychological androgyny, and negotiated sex roles.

GenSex restarted on 20th October 2016 in M35 (in the Main Building of Edge Hill University’s main Ormskirk campus) from 12-12.45pm when Dr Kerri Andrews talked about … A Path Less Trodden? The Forgotten History of Women’s Walking

Did women walk? If the extensive, and expanding, literary history of walking is to be believed, women certainly didn’t. Or at least, they did not undertake the semi-physical, semi-spiritual, creative kind of walking which has been celebrated since the publication in 1782 of Jean Jacques Rousseau’s The Reveries of the Solitary Wanderer. …This paper will consider the accounts of some of the many women who, contrary to this received wisdom about women’s walking, were not only active pedestrians, but who found their walking to be of great significance in both their personal and professional lives. Well-known writers, such as Dorothy Wordsworth and Virginia Woolf, will be considered alongside less known women, such as Sarah Stoddart Hazlitt and Ellen Weeton.

Biography: Kerri Andrews is Senior Lecturer in English at Edge Hill, and has published widely on women’s writing of the eighteenth century and Romantic period.

Who are we?

The Gender and Sexuality Research Group is an inter-disciplinary group which promotes global research into gender and sexuality studies, launched in 2007.

We meet regularly to hear research papers, engage in debate, and run seminars and workshops on subjects such as: masculinities, feminisms, gender theories, LGBT and/or queer studies, sexuality and subversion, bodily/embodiment narratives and transgendered identities.

The aim of the group is to provide international academics and postgraduate students with a forum for academic debate and to foster intellectual exchange and development.  In addition to an annual research paper programme the group also seeks to generate conference events and publications.

Where and when do we meet?

The Gender and Sexuality Research Group meets regularly through the academic year at EHU’s Ormskirk campus or at other locations in Liverpool and London.

Our rooms vary from session to session but you can get details by joining our email list – just email the group chair Dr Mari Hughes-Edwards on

Would you like to present a paper/lead a workshop?

Interdisciplinary research-based presentations are always welcome, as are art installations, film viewings, debates and workshops.

Topics can include masculinities, feminisms, gender theories, queer studies, sexuality and subversion, bodily narratives and transgendered identities.

If you would like to present a paper or lead a GenSex workshop in 2017-18 just contact

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