Language Steps Italian


The Language Centre offers a number of Italian courses at 2 main levels. Each level is divided into 3 Steps to coincide with the academic year. Each Step is 10 weeks. You can complete all 3 Steps or you can complete any 10 week Step independently of the others.

These courses are for those with little or no prior knowledge of the language.

These courses are for those who have completed the beginners course (equivalent of 60 hours of tuition in total) or for those who may have studied the language some time ago.


Each 10 week course consists of a 2 hour lesson, held once a week, over the period of 10 weeks.

The cost for each 10 week course is shown below:


  • EHU Student: £80 This will be covered by the Student Opportunity Fund (SOF).
  • EHU Staff: £110
  • Member of Public: £160
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