Victoria Jamieson

Name: Victoria Jamieson
Department: Children, Education and Communities
Current position: GTA
Location: Ormskirk Main Campus, Faculty of Education


Victoria teaches within the Department for Children, Education and Communities, on the SEND minor specialism module.


  • BA Hons Primary Education with QTS – English Specialist – First Class Honours
  • MSc Psychology


Victoria is currently researching conceptions of social justice through a philosophical inquiry with young people. The focus of this research will serve to explore numerous conceptions of social justice, seeking to empower young people with a sense of agency that is necessary to effectively engage with the world. It is hoped that this can be achieved through democratic dialogue, with young people sharing their beliefs and ideologies concerning social justice, and listening to those of others in order to reach new meanings and understanding of what social justice means to them. This approach to the methodology will provide an opportunity for the participants to stop and think, and engage with a systematic search for meaning, through meaningful questioning and dialogue. Victoria proposes to ‘hybridise’ empirical and philosophical research methodologies through young people’s engagement with philosophical inquiry, central to the concept of social justice.

Knowledge transfer and enterprise:

Assisting in organising the University hosting the BERA ECR Network Symposium 2019; Analytical Approaches in Educational Research, scheduled to take place in October 2019.

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