RISE Research Team: Inclusion

The RISE research team (Clare Woolhouse, Virginia Kay, Fiona Hallett and Linda Dunne) have worked together to explore meanings, perspectives and understandings of inclusion, using a photo-elicitation methodology. Children and young people were provided with disposable cameras and invited to take photographs in their school setting that they felt represented inclusion or exclusion. Some of the anonymised images formed the second part of the research that sought the viewpoints and perspectives of student-teachers, serving teachers, teaching assistants and academics via seminars and workshops.

This research is now being taken forward as part of the faculty’s impact agenda. The research team, with the support of the Faculty Research Coordinator, Charlotte Hastings, worked with Tate Liverpool as part of their ‘Exchange’ programme. ‘Spaces’ ‘imagining inclusion and belonging‘ offered young people and members of the community an opportunity to explore experiences of belonging and social inclusion through art and other collaborative activities.

To read more about this research, view Spaces of inclusion: investigating place, positioning and perspective in educational settings through photo-elicitation