Research Projects

The following projects illustrate our commitment to and enactment of our research strategy:

How Teachers use Research

Professor Tim Cain

How do teachers use published research? What do they do with it and how does it change their thoughts and actions?

Transforming Lives

Professor Vicky Duckworth

To understand and provide evidence of how the further education (FE) sector is vital in transforming lives and communities in 21st century Britain.

What is Britishness?

Dr Francis Farrell

Examining the perceptions of teachers, pupils, trainee teachers and teacher educators

Autism Catalyst

Professor Fiona Hallett

Ubunye: Empowering parents in disadvantaged South African communities to support classroom learning

Dr Mary McAteer

Evaluation of ECC keep-up/catch-up programme

Dr Mary McAteer

Widening Participation

Professor Liz Thomas


RISE Research Team