Higher Education Research Group

The Higher Education Research Group aims to develop research addressing contemporary issues and dilemmas facing Higher Education faculty staff, managers, students, practitioners and policy makers. It aspires to create an active and inclusive research environment by engaging with key stakeholders and wide audience such as faculty staff, practitioners, students, policy makers, learned societies, and renowned research groups and research institutes.

We have a team of active researchers focused on contributing and challenging debates about:

  • internationalisation of higher education,
  • widening participation,
  • philosophy of higher education,
  • curriculum,
  • management and leadership
  • quality evaluation.

Key Members of the Group (in alphabetical order)

Professor Ming Cheng is the Chair of the Higher Education Research Group. Other key members (in alphabetic order) include:

Ms Liana Beattie

Professor Amanda Fulford

Dr Bethan Garrett

Professor Saville Kushner

Dr Chris Lawton

Susan Murrin-Bailey

Professor Liz Thomas

Dr Annabel Yale

This group welcomes new members. Its membership is open to all interested staff members at Edge Hill University and colleagues outside Edge Hill.

Current funded research activities

2019: Supporting Young People to Become International Creative Talents: Educational  Enterprise Collaborations between Shanghai and Liverpool.

Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) UK-China Creative Industries Partnership Development Call.

Ming Cheng as Project leader, £25,000.00