Research Groups and Projects

The following groups and projects illustrate our commitment to and enactment of our research strategy:

Research Groups

Action for Refugees


The Higher Education Research Group 

The Narrative Research Network


Research Projects


Visualising Opportunities: Inclusion for Children, Education and Society (Voices_Ed) is an international research collective funded by Edge Hill University investigating inclusion.


Edge Hill University is working collaboratively with international partners to design, deliver and evaluate a suite of interventions intended to improve the belonging of diverse students in higher education.

Queer Theologies

How queer theory can be used to disrupt traditional academic pathways of knowledge production, enabling queer researchers to develop original and bespoke ways of researching.

Engaging Students for their GCSEs: The Role of Teacher Messages and Student Emotions

What are the relationships between the way in which students studying for their GCSE maths exam (i) interpret messages about the exam given by their teacher, (ii) feel  about the exam, (iii) engage in their maths lessons, and (iv) perform in the exam itself.

Transforming Lives

To understand and provide evidence of how the further education (FE) sector is vital in transforming lives and communities in 21st century Britain.

What is Britishness?

Examining the perceptions of teachers, pupils, trainee teachers and teacher educators

Autism Catalyst

Professor Fiona Hallett

Ubunye: Empowering parents in disadvantaged South African communities to support classroom learning

Dr Mary McAteer

Evaluation of ECC keep-up/catch-up programme

Dr Mary McAteer

Widening Participation

Professor Liz Thomas


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