Religion Now! Seminar Series

What is it?

Once each month, on a Tuesday evening, a speaker from the world of Religion and/or Religious Education will be invited to share with us the wisdom derived from their research. Each one may be from a different angle: Cognitive Science, Queer Theology, Textual study, Religion in Media, RE policy. Speakers may be researchers from other universities, teacher practitioners, faith leaders and our own staff and research students. We are interested in critically analysing both religion and education as contemporary lived phenomena. As a Faculty of Education, we are engaged in working at the interface of research and practice. The series aims to inspire, stretch and motivate serving teachers, our students, and hopefully each one of us that participates. Typically, the seminar will involve a lecture of around 40 minutes and then discussion of 20 minutes, from 5-6pm. Prior to this, from 4.30, refreshments will be served in the Education Piazza building, allowing those attending to meet up and informally share experiences.

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All welcome:

This is open to all! It is expected that students on undergraduate or post-graduate courses in Religion and/or Religious Education will attend to enable them to broaden their educational experience. Students from other subjects will be welcome too, as will staff from the University and we hope that we may attract interested members of the public.

The sessions have been deliberately timed so that colleagues working in schools, in RE departments, or beyond, will be able to attend. This will be valuable CPD, and with alumni, mentors and other teaching staff attending will strengthen our partnership.

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Speakers and timetable:

***Please note seminars from 16th March 2020 are postponed until further notice- these seminars may be rescheduled, updates will be posted below***

1st October 2019, 5-6pm Prof Matthew Pateman (Edge Hill, Dept of Media) Contrary to Popular Mythology: Atheism, humanism and the fiction of religion in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
22nd October 2019, 5-6pm Maggie Webster (Edge Hill, Faculty of Education) Witches are not just for Halloween: Exploring contemporary expressions of Paganism
19th November 2019, 5-6pm Dr. James D. Holt (University of Chester) Expanding the Boundaries in the Teaching of Religion and Worldviews Beyond the Big Six Religions.
10th December 2019, 5-6pm Dr Yazeed Said (Liverpool Hope University) ‘Religion and politics in Israel/Palestine: a critical reading of Christian Zionism’.
14th January 2020, 5-6pm Dr Karamat Iqbal’s talk on 14th Jan: British Pakistani Boys, Education and the Role of Religion: In the Land of the Trojan Horse
25th February 2020, 5-6pm Dr Caroline Starkey (University of Leeds)  Women in British Buddhism
24th March 2020, 5-6pm Rt Revd Paul Bayes (Bishop of Liverpool) The place of Faith in the Public Square
21st April 2020, 5-6pm Dr Emma Salter, University of Huddersfield ‘Jain iconography: decoding the soteriological references in the images of Jinas and ascetics in Jainism’
19th May 2020, 5-6pm Dr Fariad Panjwani (University College London) Religion, religious education and human agency: the case for taking a hermeneutical turn
30th June 2020, 5-6pm TBC

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Please note that some of our seminars may be filmed/ photographed.

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