Vision Statement

The Department of Professional Learning in Edge Hill University’s Faculty of Education was formed in September 2018. It brought together the important established provision in the Faculty for working with education professionals in a wide range of contexts.

The philosophy underpinning the Department’s work strongly aligns with the mission of Edge Hill University, to provide an intellectually stimulating, creative and inclusive learning experience in which individuals can develop to their full potential, and can positively affect the lives of others. The Department is founded on the belief that, in the words of the University’s motto in scientia, opportunitas: in knowledge there is opportunity.

Our Vision

We are committed to meeting the region’s needs in terms of providing professional learning opportunities for all those involved in, or aspiring to work in, education and training in a range of different contexts;

We seek to be the region’s preferred partner for professional learning through the provision of excellent accredited and non-accredited opportunities for professional development;

We aim to support all those involved in, and aspiring to work in, education and training to learn and develop throughout their professional lives;

We recognise the prior learning and experience that can be brought to study, and offer career-long growth and advancement through belonging to a learning community that enables individuals to reach their full potential.

Our Values

All our work is strongly underpinned by a commitment to social justice, and as such reflects the values and mission of the Faculty of Education, and of Edge Hill University;

We are committed to working collaboratively with our partners to design and deliver professional learning that is tailored to meet specific needs;

We continually strive to ensure that our approach to professional learning is informed by practice, experience, and the latest research and advanced scholarship;

We endeavour to ensure that opportunities for professional learning are accessible to all who can benefit from them, and to widen access to under-represented groups to enable participation;

We seek to offer flexible programmes of professional learning that meet the specific needs of busy professionals working in different contexts.

Our Plans

The Department is ambitious in its plans, and will build on its particular strengths in supporting and developing critically reflective and professional practice; practitioner enquiry; special education needs; dyslexia, and dyscalculia, and in pedagogy for mathematics and support and training for school governors.

We will use our expertise to offer a range of programmes within a cohesive professional learning framework. These include one-off professional development and updating opportunities, as well as accredited programmes of study at postgraduate level. There are exciting opportunities to join, and be supported by, a professional learning community, and to develop valuable skills in coaching, mentoring, and in educational leadership. We will make these opportunities accessible to all through offering different modes of delivery, including distance and blended learning.

We are actively seeking to work with colleagues at all levels, from Teaching Assistants, Teachers, Lecturers and Trainers, to colleagues in positions of senior leadership and management. Our aim is to work in partnership with institutions to deliver professionally relevant learning of the highest quality that not only supports individual aspirations, but that also has demonstrable impact in organisations, and on the lives of all those in education and training.

For further information please contact the Professional Learning team: or 01695 657133

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