Vision Statement

The Department of Professional Learning in Edge Hill University’s Faculty of Education aims to provide an intellectually stimulating, creative and inclusive learning experience through which individuals can develop to their full potential and can positively affect the lives of others. The Department is founded on the belief that, in the words of the University’s motto in scientia, opportunitas: in knowledge there is opportunity.

Our Vision

We are fully committed to providing professional learning opportunities that enhance the knowledge of and have an impact on the practice of professionals working in a learning, teaching, training and accessing capacity. We aim to do this through the provision of excellent accredited and non-accredited professional learning opportunities that are co-designed with learning partners.

Our Values

All our work is strongly underpinned by a commitment to social justice. We:

  • support our students to be ambassadors for change within their own settings, thereby reducing inequalities and inequities within the lives of those learners with whom they work
  • aim to work collaboratively to co-design and deliver professional learning that is tailored to meet specific needs and has a positive impact on practice for the benefit of learners.
  • strive to ensure that our approach to professional learning is informed by drawing on the expertise of our learning partners, their practice and experience, and the latest research and advanced scholarship;
  • ensure that opportunities for professional learning are widely accessible to those striving to improve their knowledge and practice and to widen access to under-represented groups;
  • seek to offer flexible programmes of professional learning that meet the specific needs of busy professionals working in a range of contexts.

For further information please contact the Professional Learning team: or 01695 657133

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