The Faculty of Education Senior Lead for Safeguarding is Leon Fraser, who can be reached as follows:

Leon Fraser, Senior Lecturer for Physical Education and Faculty Senior Lead for Safeguarding

Telephone: 01695 584314

Mobile: 07738801725

Email: [email protected]

Leon Fraser is the Faculty’s Designated Senior Officer (DSO).

The Senior Lead is your first point of contact for any queries or concerns you may have with regard to any matters related to safeguarding; and the Senior Lead  operates within the university structure.

Procedures to support students/trainees undertaking a Professional Practice or work-based learning

For all students and trainees undertaking a Professional Practice, or a period of work-based learning, the document below sets out the actions that must occur if a student/trainee has a concern for the safeguarding and welfare of a child/vulnerable adult during this element of their programme.  This document also clarifies how a student/trainee will be supported throughout any subsequent process of enquiry.

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