Commuter Student Engagement

There is growing interest in the experience and outcomes of students who continue to live at home (with their parents, partner, children or on their own) and commute to their place of study. These students have a different experience, and collectively less good outcomes from higher education (see Thomas, 2019)

About the resources

These resources support institutional teams to develop an evidence-informed approach to improving commuter student engagement in academic, enhancement and social activities throughout the institution, and across the student lifecycle, irrespective of where, what and how students are studying.

NEW! Guidance for Universities on supporting commuter students during and after COVID 

The resources cover the key topics shown in the workshop overview (Fig 1).

A flow diagram that shows how the contents of the pack build to deliver improved commuter student outcomes.

Figure 1 (click to see an enlarged version of this diagram)

The pack is available to view in sections, in the hope that this will help with colleagues accessing resources whilst working from home. You can download the whole pack (in Word format) via the university’s eshare service.

Image of a crowded train carriage (illustration)

If you have any questions about these resources, or would like more information, please do get in touch with the team.



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