Victor Van Daal

Professor in Education

Victor van Daal joined the research department in the Faculty of Education at Edge Hill University in March 2013. He was awarded his MA in 1982 from the University of Amsterdam and his PhD in 1993 from the Free University Amsterdam.

Victor began his professional career as a Teaching Assistant and Lecturer at the Psychological Laboratory of the University of Amsterdam from 1976 till 1982. After gaining his MA he worked as a Researcher, sponsored by the Foundation for Educational Research in the Netherlands. In this role he worked on projects including: ‘Sequencing verbal information’, ‘A computer-based remedial programme for reading’, ‘The development of orthographic memory’, ‘Computer-based speech and the remediation of dyslexia’, ‘Training of reading comprehension strategies in primary school children’. During this time he also worked as a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer at both the Free University and University of Amsterdam. His work in Amsterdam continued in the role of Senior Psychologist at Octant Amsterdam the Advice Office for Education and Employment. He was Head of Learning Difficulties in Secondary Education Division. Victor was Senior Research at Paedologisch Instituut for three years. Since 2004 Victor has been Professor of Special Education at the University of Stavanger in Norway.

Most recently Victor undertook the role of Fellow-in-Residence at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies. Whilst in this role he has conducted a sabbatical project: ‘Direct assessment of second language aptitudes and abilities.’ Expanding his career to the UK in 1992 Victor worked as a British Council Fellow at the University of Wales in Bangor. He worked on his post-doctorate project titled, ‘The simulation of learning to read and spell with connectionist networks.’ In 2000 Victor began his work as Senior Research Fellow in the School of Psychology and Director Dyslexia Unit still at Bangor University. In March 2013 Victor expanded his international career to Edge Hill University where he is Professor of Education.

Throughout his extensive career Victor has developed a number of areas of expertise, including: typical and atypical development of reading and arithmetic, second language learning, multimedia and literacy learning, international comparative studies on reading comprehension and mathematics and methodology and statistics for social sciences. His academic research work develops these areas of expertise further. Victor is a talented professional and his passionate about his research work.