Jennie Swift

Early Years Education with QTS Year 1 Leader

Jennie Swift has been a member of the Primary and Early team for three years. Academically she has a BA (Hons) in Primary Education and English. Her professional practice includes experience as a Primary and Early Years teacher. She was also a member of an Early Years cluster.

Jennie has held positions of responsibility including the role of Science Coordinator and as an EYFS Lead Practitioner. Whilst in the school environment she also gained experience of Parents as Partners through creative science from Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 2. Academically Jennie demonstrates a number of areas of expertise. Her knowledge of early learning and development, language acquisition and child development is acknowledged. She is also has an expertise in child initiated learning and observation and assessment.

During her career Jennie has gained credit for her work towards the research and development of a creative curriculum. Jennie’s research also explores the following: student led personal development of a teacher in training, creative curriculum and what this means for practice, language rich environments and the impact and development of target setting through the eyes of undergraduate trainees.

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