Damien Shortt

Name: Damien Shortt
Department: Secondary and Further Education
Current position: Head of Secondary and Further Education
Email: shorttd@edgehill.ac.uk
Location: Secondary and Further Education, Piazza Building, Ormskirk Main Campus, Faculty of Education



  • BED1000 – Introduction to Education Studies
  • BED1002 – Conceptions of Education: the UK education system in context
  • BED2003 – Education, Meaning, And Understanding: debates in the philosophy of education
  • BED2004 – UK Education In Its Global Contexts
  • SUG1014 – Literary Theory
  • SUG1015 – Critiquing the Canon
  • SUG1016 – Contemporary Literature
  • SUG1049 – Introduction to Language Studies
  • SUG2014 – Shakespeare Studies
  • SUG2015 – Romanticism
  • SUG2049 – Further Studies in the English Language
  • SUG3019 – Film and Literature
  • SUG3020 – Modernism
  • SUG3021 – TESOL




Damien has worked in Edge Hill’s Faculty of Education since 2006. His teaching and research straddle teacher-education, English Studies, and Education Studies.

Before coming to Edge Hill, and prior to his PhD studies, Damien taught in international schools in Switzerland, teaching subjects such as English literature and language, Classical Studies, and Media Studies.


  • Education Studies
  • English Studies
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Cultural Studies
  • Virtue Epistemology


Research Interests:

  • Education Studies
  • English Studies
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Cultural Studies
  • Politics and Education

Published work:

  • Hawxwell, L., O’Shaughnessy, M., Russell, C., Shortt, D. (2017) ‘‘Do you Need a Kayak to Learn Outside?’: a literature review into learning outside the classroom’, Education 3-11 [under review]
  • Shortt, D., Cain, T., Knapton, H., McKenzie, J. (2017) ‘How to be Good: behaviour management policies in 36 secondary school’, Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, 15(1) 155-180
  • Hardy, G., Spendlove, D., Shortt, D. (2015) ‘Changing Expectations, Same Perspective: Pre-service Teachers’ Judgments of Professional Efficacy’. The Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 40(2) [online]
  • Shortt, D., Reynolds, P., McAteer, M., Hallett, F. (2015) ‘To Believe, To Think, To Know…To Teach? Ethical Deliberation in Teacher-Education’, In Ruth Heilbronn and Lorraine Foreman-Peck (eds.) Philosophical Perspectives on Teacher Education, Oxford, Wiley-Blackwell, pp.89-108
  • Spendlove, D., Barton, A., Hallet, F., & Shortt, D. (2012) ‘Shifting codes: education or regulation? Trainee teachers and the Code of Conduct and Practice in England. European Journal of Teacher Education, 35(4) 449-462
  • Shortt, D., Hallett, F., Spendlove, D., Hardy, G., Barton, A. (2011) ‘Teaching, Morality, and Responsibility: a Structuralist Analysis of a Teachers’ Code of Conduct’, Journal of Teaching and Teacher Education, 28(1), 124-131


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