One of Edge Hill University’s Year 2 Design and Technology students was named the ASA England Programmes Athlete of the Year, story below.

Winstanley has an unfaltering dedication to his sport

Winstanley won the ASA England Programmes Athlete of the Year award for his unfaltering dedication to the sport.

He represents England and GB regularly in international games. When he is not playing or studying, he coaches at the Manchester Regional Training Centre and is a qualified water polo referee.

Winstanley said: “It’s fantastic to get an award here today. We don’t do it for awards. We do it to play and win games as a team, but it is fantastic to be recognised for the effort you put in.”

Jane Nickerson, interim Chief Executive of the ASA, said: “We have many fantastic people involved in our sport and the annual Aquatics Awards are our opportunity to recognise the great contribution our volunteers, teachers, coaches and partners make every day.

“The Awards is also an opportunity to celebrate the many achievements within the aquatics community. From the individuals who have overcome personal obstacles to learn how to swim, to the athletes who have represented their clubs and country.

“All our nominees are great ambassadors for our sport and it is wonderful to be able to recognise their achievements.

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