Krystina O’Mara, a PGCE English trainee teacher, has been working with her Mentors and pupils at Royton and Crompton School to understand “Remembrance” and its meaning for different groups. After a week of studying ‘Poppies’ by Jane Weir, Krystina enlisted the help of Manchester Army Careers to bring the subject alive for her Year 7 pupils. The pupils had the opportunity to ask a real soldier about his experiences. The school and pupils were delighted with the event and the Head of the English Department thanked Krystina for her efforts, adding ‘it was special’! The school are now looking to roll a similar learning opportunity out to the rest of the school and organise an assembly for Year 10 & 11 pupils. Krystina herself told her University Tutors “I’m loving my time here at Royton & Crompton. They’re supportive and have made me feel welcome.”