Wristband Use

You will receive a wristband as part of your membership. Wristbands are mandatory for the following: –

  • Swimming Pool
  • Health Suite (sauna and steam room)
  • Exercise Classes
  • Fitness Suite

Your band can also be used to access the lockers, however should you not need a band for access control (i.e. for use of any of the above) we will still retain a number of red bands at reception, You can lend one for the day for day or can purchase a replacement band by contacting reception. Please see price list


Wristbands will be issued from Reception upon your first visit. When you collect your band you will be required to have your photograph taken for your account, should you not already have one on our system, and your details checked to ensure they are current.


Your initial band will be issued free of charge as part of your membership. Charges will apply for not bringing your wristband if attending the fitness suite, swimming pool or an exercise class; or for replacement bands. Fees for replacement lost bands will be charged at £5 per band and a charge of £1 for entry to facilities should you forget to bring your band. Please note these charges are nonrefundable.

Access control

There are access control readers placed outside the main doors of the Swimming Pool and Health Suite and on the door of the Dance Studio and Fitness Suite.

ALL members are required to register their visits on the door access control points for these facilities by holding your band against the appropriate reader. Once done the access light on the access control point will turn green. Should the access light turn red then your visit has not been registered and you are required to report to Reception who will investigate the access issue. Please do not hold the door open for other users or prop doors open. The swimming pool door will remain open however all other doors will be manual opening.


Lockers can be accessed with all membership wristbands. To lock a locker the wristband is to be placed on the locker button and pressed. The button will stay pressed in and lock the locker. To unlock the locker press the wristband on the locker button which will then come back out.

If you forget which locker your wristband is assigned to then you can use the readers placed around the Centre mounted on the walls by placing your wristband on the reader icon on the box and the locker number will then be displayed on the display.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my wristband waterproof – Yes, you can use your band whilst in the swimming pool, the Health Suite and showers.
  • Do the bands come in any other sizes – the bands come in one standard size for all members.
  • If I leave Edge Hill Sport and return a year or so later will I still need to purchase another band – Yes, if you are unable to produce your previous band then you will be charged £5 for a replacement one.

Terms & Conditions of Wristband Use

Wristbands are mandatory for those who wish to use the access control areas of Edge Hill Sport. By accepting a wristband you are agreeing to comply with the following conditions of entry for accessing facilities which hold access control points at Edge Hill Sport:

  • Members who fail to bring their wristbands and require access to facilities that hold access control will be fined £1 for entry per visit and be required to complete a Wristband Compliance Form.
  • Members are responsible for the safekeeping of their issued wristband. A charge of £5 will incur for a replacement band which is non-refundable.
  • Damaged bands will be replaced free of charge on production of the damaged band.
  • Lost wristbands which are found will be held at the Centre until the close of business that day whereby they will be deleted from the membership and a new band will be required to be purchased on next visit for £5.
  • Fraudulent activity of members found using another member’s wristband will result in their membership being terminated with no refund given.
  • All members who have been issued a wristband are required to swipe on the access control points of the facilities they are using in order to register their visit which will show a green light for access. Should the access control point light go red then the member is to report to Reception in order to resolve the access issue.
  • Members upgrading or downgrading memberships will be required to produce their original band at reception which will be swapped free of charge for the appropriate membership colour.
  • If the band cannot be produced then the member will be charged £5 for a replacement band.
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