Terms and Conditions of Wristband use

Wristbands are mandatory for those who wish to use the access control areas of Edge Hill Sport. By accepting a wristband you are agreeing to comply with the following conditions of entry for accessing facilities which hold access control points at Edge Hill Sport:

  • Members who fail to bring their wristbands and require access to facilities that hold access control will be fined £1 for entry per visit and be required to complete a Wristband Compliance Form.
  • Members are responsible for the safekeeping of their issued wristband. A charge of £5 will incur for a replacement band which is non-refundable.
  • Damaged bands will be replaced free of charge on production of the damaged band.
  • Lost wristbands which are found will be held at the Centre until the close of business that day whereby they will be deleted from the membership and a new band will be required to be purchased on next visit for £5.
  • Fraudulent activity of members found using another member’s wristband will result in their membership being terminated with no refund given.
  • All members who have been issued a wristband are required to swipe on the access control points of the facilities they are using in order to register their visit which will show a green light for access. Should the access control point light go red then the member is to report to Reception in order to resolve the access issue.
  • Members upgrading or downgrading memberships will be required to produce their original band at reception which will be swapped free of charge for the appropriate membership colour.
  • If the band cannot be produced then the member will be charged £5 for a replacement band.
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