For Committee Members


Team Sheets must be complete prior to all matches (Home and Away) It is your responsibility to check all players against photo ID and Sign form.

Check the players attending the match the photo and name on ID card (Uni ID).

If Edge Hill fails to provide team sheet to BUCS on request teams will face a walkover to the opposition.

Teamsheets are here or can be collected from Sports Centre reception.

Playing Under Protest

If you feel an opposition broke any of the BUCS regulation you will need to ensure you complete a playing under protest form signed (before the fixture and bring / email it to Rosa before the 12pm on the Thursday morning or the next working day).


  • The opposing Captain MUST countersign this form to acknowledge that the protesting team have a grievance and that the match will be played under protest, they CANNOT refuse to do so.
  • The opposing Captain has the opportunity to state their opinion regarding this grievance on the form in the space provided.
  • The end of each statement from each captain MUST be initialled to note its conclusion.
  • The completion of a Playing Under Protest form only allows an institution the right to appeal at the conclusion of the fixture as they have not accepted the conditions of the match, it does not guarantee the outcome of any subsequent appeal.
  • If later on, more issues arise, that were not apparent at the time the Playing Under Protest Form was signed: Either a new form should be completed, or; the issues should be added to the existing form with the time they are raised noted next to the Captains’ initials against these.
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