Casual (Pay as you go)

Casual user (Pay as you go) allows you the flexibility to pay for your activities each time you visit. Registering as a Casual user is free. Register online.

PAYG charges only apply to entry to the gym. Bookable activities (badminton, football, squash, etc.) incur the usual court fees in addition to the PAYG entry fee.

Fitness Suite£5.00£5.00£6.50£7.50
Fitness Class£3.60£3.60£4.60£5.60
Swimming Session£2.00£2.00£2.60£5.00

Please note

All courts must be paid for at the time of booking.

We will unfortunately not be able to offer refunds on paid slots, however should you notify us prior to your booking time that you are no longer able to make the booking slot, we will be happy to move your booking within 7 days of this request (subject to availability).

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