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Fitness Suite

The 80-station Fitness Suite is available to our members up to 90 hours per week across 7 days. With a range of Technogym cardiovascular, fixed resistance machines and free weights there is something for everyone regardless of your experience and goals. The cardiovascular machines are equipped with in-screen entertainment system which allow you to watch TV, access your favourite sites on the internet or set your exercise programme.

You will need to complete and Induction where every new member will be set up with a MYWellness account which will enable you to track and record your progress.

Fitness Classes

A range of Fitness classes are also offered by Edge Hill Sport. Classes range from relaxing, stretching yoga to high impact, intense aerobics sessions.

  • All classes are free to Premier Members
  • All class instructors are fully qualified and experienced
  • For Health & Safety reasons there are minimum ages for all classes as follows:
  • 12 years+ for Running Club
  • 14 years+ for Monday Circuits, Legs Bums & Tums, and Total Tone
  • 16 years+ for all other classes
  • proof of age may be required
  • No ticket no entry policy
    Failure to attend any booked class by a Premier member will result in a full charge for that class being made to your membership account. If you are unable to attend a class for any reason you can cancel your place on the class up to 2 hours before the class start time by contacting reception by telephone or by email to the email address .

Classes are generally suitable for all, but new starters should arrive early at classes and introduce themselves to the instructor to ensure suitability.

Please check the current class timetable for class venues. 

Price Lists 

For further information please contact the Reception at The Sports Centre or call us on 01695 584745.

Please check before attending as classes may vary from those shown as occasionally classes may be cancelled at short notice.

Fitness Class Timetable

As of reopening on 12 April Edge Hill Sport will be providing some Outdoor Exercise classes to supplement our continued virtual class timetable. The full Fitness Class timetable:

For access to my wellness timetable click here:

Services Available


Before you start your membership at Edge Hill Sport you will need to complete a short induction which is free of charge. The induction gives you the information you require to use the equipment in the suite and during your appointment you can ask any questions you wish regarding the facilities. The appointments are available in 3 options:

  1. ‘Fastrack’ induction – approx 15 minutes and includes a Health and Safety briefing and some basic gym rules (suitable for experienced gym users)
  2. 30 minute induction – approx 30 mins and includes the above plus direct instruction in several pieces of fitness and functional equipment
  3. 121 induction – up to 1 hour and includes more in depth instruction around equipment (suitable for those unfamiliar with fitness equipment or no prior experience and clients with disabilities).


All Edge Hill Sport Premier members are entitled to a 1-2-1 bespoke assessment. Make an appointment with one of our highly skilled and experienced fitness team and have a bespoke assessment tailored to your own health and fitness needs. This assessments can be done face to face or via a Virtual chat using Microsoft Teams.

Assessments with our Personal Trainers can take up to 1 hour to discuss and include any or all of the following;

  • Health Assessment
  • Health related fitness testing
  • Performance related fitness testing
  • Body analysis using the Tanita Body Analysis scales
  • Nutritional advice
  • Goal setting
  • Bespoke programming
  • Coaching through training and exercise technique
  • Reschedule for next check-in

Exercise classes

Live virtual classes

We provide a range of “live” stream classes each day that customers can book on to very easily through the app. Then, using their device to watch and join in, they can talk to anyone else on the class and the instructor if they wish (kind of like a Zoom/Teams meeting) and interact. Once the class starts members can opt to remain private with only the instructor or experience the class with the other participants. They can then perform the class wherever they are and get all the same benefits as before and completely safe. Check out our current Virtual TT attached.

Outdoor Classes

These face to face classes are performed outside using a variety of our outdoor spaces. Members can book using the ISCUBA app or pay at reception (pre-booking is advised due to limited spaces). These instructor led classes will register their visit at reception, meet the instructor next to the running track and led through a fun and challenging routine to meet the expectations of the class type. These include Body Blast, Bootcamp, Circuits, Kettle Fit, Lean Lifting, and Running Clubs for all abilities.

On Demand

This is a bank of pre-recorded classes that customers can access and perform whenever suits them. The app comes with over 100 different classes on it. We have already added our own content. I have uploaded all the circuits classes I did during lock down (for you to do over and over and over again!) and this content will be added to weekly with Mike F already getting a Body Blast class on there. These classes range from high intensity to Pilates/Yoga. Eventually we will get all our classes on there so members can access all their favourite classes whenever they like as often as they like.

MyWellness App

All members will be granted access to Edge Hills Sports content on Technogym’s MyWellness App. Once a member download the app and start enjoying all the benefits within 24hrs. Some of these include.

Workout of the Day

We will have at least three new workout ideas every day for members to enjoy. Simply click on the workout in the app, read the description and if you fancy it, simply click on start to enjoy this video led workout. These challenging and innovative workouts provide all reps, sets, weights and rest with any instructor comments added to it. Each exercise comes with a video demonstration for clarity. These might be home workouts or gym based, body weight or equipment based, low intensity to high intensity. Something for everyone and keeps your workouts fresh.

Tailored Programmes

We have a bank of over 450 exercise programmes for members to enjoy and benefit from. Members simply follow the questions about experience levels, how often they want to exercise, how long they want each exercise for and what their goals are. The app will then present a list of appropriate work outs for the member to self-prescribe and follow in their as they wish.

Virtual & On Demand Classes

As described above.

Body Analysis

Linking your app to our Tanita scales members can access a full and accurate assessment of segmented body composition. This detailed breakdown will provide feedback on muscle mass, body fat  and body water. Members can add their own Anthropometric, Performance, Cardiovascular and Clinical measurements to record keep track of any improvement through clear graphs.

There are many other benefits to using the app including, gym & fitness challenges, easy access to CV equipment apps & recording, leader boards, outdoor activity tracking and “Do It yourself” workouts.


As a member of Edge Hill Sport you have access to download the Technogym My Wellness App through which you have access to a wide range of ready made programmes and the opportunity to tailor a programme to your needs. These programmes can be delivered through your iPhone or android device. Ask a member of the fitness team for more details.

Exercise Referral Scheme

Edge Hill Sport has created a 10-week course of exercise specifically aimed to improve a broad range of physical, physiological and psychological medical conditions including, amongst others, angina, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, hypertension, asthma, anxiety and depression. It can also play a key role in assisting post-operative recovery, mobility, insomnia, back pain and weight loss, as well as improving self-esteem and fitness. This can be accessed by Edge Hill University staff members through a referral from Occupational Health. Edge Hill Sport is also able to host some referrals from Cardiac Rehab, Pulmonary Rehab and Cancer Rehab at Ormskirk District General Hospital.

Edge Hill University students can also take advantage of an Active Wellbeing Programme aimed at improving physical and mental wellbeing. This service may be accessed through a referral from Student Wellbeing.

Once a referral has been made, our Qualified REFERRAL PROGRAMME CONSULTANTS, who are fully trained to devise appropriate exercise schedules, will, after a confidential personal assessment, issue a suitable programme of exercise. The exercise programmes are extremely varied and adapted to suit each referral’s health status and individual preferences.

If you feel you, or someone you know, would benefit from a course of exercise on our Exercise Referral Programme, please speak to the appropriate person with regard to the referral you require or one of our Referral Programme Consultants.

Approved by the WRIGHT Foundation

Active Edge

“Stay stronger for Longer”

Regular exercise can be fun as well as making you feel better, strengthening those joints, reducing the risk of many diseases such as heart disease, reducing the effects of arthritis.

With this in mind we have created the new ‘Active Edge’ category of membership that is aimed at those over the age of 60 who are able to use the facilities during the off-peak times up to 4.30pm.

The member benefits are the same as an off-peak Premier Membership (excluding evening exercise classes) with the addition of FREE entrance into any programmed Active Edge session.

Active Edge Sessions

Our Active Edge sessions are aimed at helping to keep our more senior generation fit and agile with our multi-activity sports session in a friendly and sociable atmosphere. The new timetable for our Active Edge sessions is as follows:

Aerobics Class8.10 – 8.55am8.10– 8.55am
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