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Edge Hill Sport is following guidance from various agencies to provide the return of student sport. These agencies include the UK Government, Sport England, UK Active, National Governing Bodies as well as Edge Hill University amongst others.

Following this guidance, Edge Hill Sport risk assesses and produces guidelines specifically for Edge Hill Sport sessions. In certain circumstances Edge Hill Sport may introduce more stringent measures to ensure the safety of participants, staff and other users.

Edge Hill Sport guidelines must always be followed.

Edge Hill Sport Guidelines

The guidelines that all sessions must adhere to return to the timetable and has also been provided for Team Edge Hill clubs and Campus Sport activators.

Return to Student Sport Covid-19 Plan Club and Participant Guidelines

There are sports specific guidelines also being provided for each sport.

Sport Specific COVID Plans

Each club / team and activity are required to sign an agreement to ensure the session adhere to the guidelines provided.

Student Sport COVID Plan Agreement

Risk Assessments

Return to Student Sport Risk Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we request an extra training session to accommodate more students attending our club each week?

No, the training sessions have been allocated and scheduled to adhere to NGB’s guidance and Edge Hill University guidance. There are also limitations in facilities available as a result of academic sessions and Covid-19 regulations, therefore we cannot accommodate additional training sessions at this time.

Can we have friendlies or enter the BUCS ‘Term One team programme?

No, we are not allowing friendlies (within clubs or against other local universities) at this point or entering teams in the new BUCS term one competition programme.

Can we rotate participants so they can train alternate weeks e.g. Group A do a week then Group B do a week, train on a rota?

Yes, this is fine as long as the maximum capacity for your session is not exceeded (including coaching staff). Where possible the groups should be bubbles and not mixed each week.

Are we allowed to hold trials?

Due to the number of changes and restrictions to training and facilities this year we have decided to postpone Team Edge Hill trials, we hope to provide further details on trials and how they can be delivered by the end of October. However please try to include and invite as many freshers to your training sessions as possible. Remember you will need them for your teams later in the year (and future years) so make sure you keep them involved now.

Can our team have extra training sessions outside the allocated sessions (on or off site)?

Teams cannot arrange a training session outside of the allocated timetabled sessions either on or off site.

Can we take our Team Edge Hill equipment home?

No, at the moment to ensure strict cleaning of equipment we are insisting all teams return their ‘club’ equipment immediately after training. Students should take their own personal equipment (racquets, helmets etc) home and ensure it is sanitised after each training session.

Will we be able to enter additional teams in to BUCS this season?

We are not able to accommodate any new or or additional teams this academic year.

Can we use cones and bibs?

No, we are not currently allowing the use of cones or bibs We will update teams if and when this changes.

Can we still book a classroom for meetings?

We are not able to book classrooms or any academic space for meetings at this time.

What is the plan for Team Edge Hill Membership this year?

The cost for Team Edge Hill membership will be the same as in previous years £50 or alternatively it is also included in the Premier Peak Student membership for £75 however Team Edge Hill membership must be activated at Edge Hill Sport reception. We will be requiring all individuals who attend training to have Team Edge Hill membership. For clubs who hold trials that are currently postponed, your participants will only need a membership once trials have been completed and teams selected. We will confirm a deadline for membership in due course.

Can we hold socials at a venue/pub/restaurant etc. by following social distance guidelines?

No, in line with government guidelines groups of people should not be meeting up socially at this time. You can organise virtual/online socials such as quizzes, drop in sessions or meet the team online chats.

Can we raise funds for our team or fundraiser for a charity?

You are not allowed to use the university or club name to raise funds for your club, this includes sponsorships, sponsoring players or fundraisers. When fixtures are able to resume, if a club wishes to hold a fundraiser event for an official charity, they must first discuss this with the Sports Development team and gain approval for both the charity and the activity you wish to undertake.

Can we charge a weekly fee or fee to attend trials?

No, students have paid a membership fee to Edge Hill Sport to join the club and attend training. If your club wants to collect money as a one off to purchase item specific to your sport or for a particular activity this should be communicated with your members and only the amount required for the agreed expenditure should be collected.

Are we able to buy kit through O’Neills this year?

Yes, you are able to buy Team Edge Hill leisure wear via the link below:

Will training sessions be cancelled if Edge Hill Sport’s Covid-19 guidelines are not adhered to?

We will work with all clubs to support all clubs to deliver Covid-19 secure session however if the guidelines are not adhered to by the team this may result in the cancellation of sessions.

If the national regulations for our sport change, can we implement these immediately in practice?

No, if the regulations for your sport change please contact us first. We will then seek to review these changes and inform you as soon as you are able to make changes within your sessions accordingly.
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