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 28% increase in turnover and 11 new clients

Tony Garner

“The Programme was a complete revelation. It gave us the time and the tools to completely re-focus our business, so we can offer a transparent service to our clients that is results focussed. Of course, it hasn’t been without its challenges — change can be tough — but the framework and action plan that has been created from it provided us with a clarity of purpose. The whole leadership team attended the Programme and its impact has been truly transformational. I would highly recommend SMEs to apply for the Innovation Sprint Programme.”

Tony Garner, Managing Director – Viva PR

A total re-focus has driven great results:

  • Clarity of customer base and needs
  • Internal development of the roles of individuals to
    prepare for growth
  • Development of new marketing messages and content
  • Launch of new impact-focussed website
  • Increase in market share

Starting Point

For more than 16 years award-winning PR agency VIVA has built a reputation as one of Lancashire’s top PR agencies. It services a range of clients from across the north west. Managing Director Tony Garner heard about the Innovation Sprint Programme from a Director at a local E-Commerce Agency that had successfully completed the Programme.

After hearing about the great results other businesses were experiencing, Tony decided to apply for the Programme. VIVA went into the programme as a successful business but Tony was keen to explore opportunities for the business to grow.

The Opportunity

It wasn’t long into the workshops before Tony realised that the intensive process was beginning to highlight a lack of clarity in certain areas of his business. Feeling frustrated at times as he worked with business experts through the framework, he also felt excited about the future of his business.

The Journey

The tools used in the workshops helped Tony and the Viva team to begin to ask the right questions about his business processes, customers and team structure. He began to un-pick his customers’ pain-points and understand the quantifiable benefits of his service to his clients. He began to examine his existing team structure and the role each employee played in achieving the core objectives.

The Solution & Outcome

Spending time and focussing on the business allowed Tony and his team time to develop a clear set of actions to bring clarity to their internal structure, core objectives and the service they offered to their customers. Since completing the Programme VIVA PR has clarified job roles and key messages. They have launched a new website and are more confident in what they are delivering. They are now a results focussed agency.
This has resulted in the business winning 11 new customers and increasing turnover by 28%. Tony plans to continue focus on the team structure and expand the team as the business grows. Marketing and presenting the new messages will mean the development of new collateral and plan of activity for the business.

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