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“After taking part in the Innovation Sprint Programme we identified the issues we faced in scaling a new service and built a feasible solution to address them. The Programme is a fantastic initiative for small organisations like ours, without which our innovations would ultimately fail.”

Darren Turner, Managing Director – My Total Office Solutions Ltd

On completing the programme, My Total Office Solutions developed a new service offer: My Print Service.

  • Clarification of the market demand driving the need for the new service
  • Establishment of a clear revenue model and pricing policies
  • Introduction of new business sales and service processes and route to market
  • Now seeking the investment required to scale

Starting Point

Darren Turner, Managing Director at My Total Office Solutions identified an opportunity to provide, and scale, a subscription managed print service for home businesses, small businesses and schools. The service provides fit for purpose printing equipment, unlimited cartridges and rapid response service support.

The Opportunity

My Total Office Solutions had been endeavouring to expand the market reach of their existing “Infinity” service across the UK, but the strategy in place was achieving more limited traction than expected.

The Journey

Early in the Innovation Sprint Programme, Darren realised the value in stepping out of his business environment to analyse the service challenges being experienced. Darren was fully engaged from the first workshop and soon began to clarify his opportunity using the valuable insights on which to base his decision-making.

The intense workshops enabled Darren to analyse and segment his customers, understand their pain-points and clarify the demand, messages and most appropriate route to market for each segment.

Solution & Outcomes

My Total Office Solutions used their specific data insights as the basis to design a new managed print service, with processes aligned directly to the needs and pain points identified for small businesses and schools.

This service is now launched as My Print Service, through the new dedicated website

My Total Office Solutions worked through the technical and financial feasibility to launch the new service and achieve UK wide coverage. The strategy includes changing business processes for the small business market and will also see the introduction of an outbound selling model that will require employing new experienced staff. My Total Office Solutions is now seeking additional investment needed for new technology and resources to further support the roll out.

The Programme has made a real difference to the strategic development of My Total Office Solutions. The business has clarified their markets, messages, pricing policy and built a feasible growth strategy.

My Total Office will also adopt the Innovation Sprint Programme framework to clarify business opportunities in the future and will continue to work in partnership with Edge Hill University.

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