Jak Spedding

Commercial Photographer

New service launched

 Acquired 11 new clients since completing the Programme

Jak Spedding

“Working with the Productivity & Innovation Centre at Edge Hill has given me the confidence to launch a new company, knowing that all the systems and procedures I have put in place have been rigorously stress-tested. These systems have allowed me to quickly scale the company and approach potential new markets, giving me an effective and repeatable business plan.”

Jak Spedding, Business owner

After completing the programme, Jak developed and launched a service: Lancashire Drone Company Ltd.

  • Lancashire Drone Company Ltd offering a new service to existing and new customers
  • New website and focused messaging, increased traffic and SEO ratings
  • Clarity of brand position and route to market
  • Acquired 11 new clients since completing the programme
  • Employed a freelance assistant to help improve productivity

Starting Point

Jak is a successful commercial photographer, specialising in interiors, products and food. He has built a professional reputation over the past 10 years, delivering high quality, effective photography across the North West. His affinity with buildings and architecture stimulated his drive to explore the opportunities that lay within the diverse sector to help him grow his business.

The Opportunity

The architecture industry is highly competitive. Photography plays a vital part in capturing and displaying the intricacy of design and techniques, unique use of materials and the transformation of environments. Jak needed to explore the potential market for using Unnamed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), otherwise known as drones, to offer an alternative service to his existing and new customers.

The Journey

The data used during the workshops helped Jak to address his customer needs and pain points and explore the market potential for his new service. The tools guided Jak through the intricate framework to ensure every aspect of his opportunity was considered. Jak enjoyed the intensity of the workshops and used the tools to help stress-test and refine his concept and build a financially feasible solution.

The Solution

Based on the evidence revealed during the workshops, Jak was able to build and articulate a clear, new and differentiated service. He developed a well-defined plan and actions needed to take the new drone service through to commercialisation.

Since completing the programme, Jak has set up a website to launch a new service named “Lancashire Drone Company Ltd”. Jak has developed a repeatable process that meets the needs of his target audience to offer a range of photography and video using his drones. His service offer is clear, and he has restructured his pricing policy. His increased presence on all social media platforms and the launch of a blog to showcase his expertise have raised awareness of both his new and existing photography service.

The changes Jak has made to his business since leaving the programme have increased traffic to his websites, secured 11 new clients and he now has a part-time freelance assistant working alongside him to improve efficient and timely set-up of equipment on customer sites and projects.

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