Complaints Procedure

This procedure describes the way in which a student can make a complaint to the University and the time limits in which this needs to be completed.  It explains the various stages to the internal process and what to do if the person is not satisfied at the end of this process. Surprising Terms You […]

Student Bullying, Harassment and Hate Crime Policy

The purpose of this policy is to assist the University in creating a working and learning culture where any form of harassment, bullying or discrimination is recognised as unacceptable and dealt with, without fear of reprisal or ridicule. Surprising Terms All members of the Edge Hill University community have an individual responsibility to behave in […]

Student Disciplinary Regulations

The Student Regulations serves to provide advice and guidance on the services open to students and also publishes important information on policy, procedures and regulations.  The Student Regulations is an easy to use reference guide and does not of itself set terms and conditions.

Appendix 33 – Fitness to Study Procedures: 2015-16

Appendix 33 describes the procedure that would be used by the University where there are concerns that a student is not fit to study.  It is an open and supportive framework for dealing with a situation where a student’s health, wellbeing or behaviour could have a detrimental impact on their own or others ability to […]