Adverse Weather Conditions Policy

Facilities Management Policy for maintaining roads pathways and amenity areas during adverse weather conditions, it was published in July 2017.

Environmental Management Strategy

The Environmental Management Strategic Implementation Plan was first produced in January 2009. It has been updated to cover the period from 2011 – 2016, compatible with Edge Hill’s Vision 2020.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

The Policy delineates the University’s commitment to the health, safety and environment and the roles and responsibilities of staff and students in relation to safety. The University proposes to fulfil our safety and environmental management responsibilities through developing clear management policies and implementing effective procedures across the University.

Carbon Management Plan

This Carbon Management Plan defines the steps the Edge Hill University will take to change its practices, so that carbon reduction becomes embedded in management decisions and to undertake interventions and projects that will lead directly to emissions reduction.

Car Parking Policy

This Policy outlines the provisions and measures for effectively managing traffic and car parking on the University’s Ormskirk campus.