Academic Regulations 2021-22

The Academic Regulations provide a framework for the University to operate within to deliver programmes and make awards. Appendices

Appendix 26 – Withdrawal Procedures: 2021-22

Withdrawal procedure provides students with clear guidance on how to complete the withdrawal process and how to seek a review of the decision to withdraw them from their studies. The University endeavours to make the withdrawal process as smooth and transparent as possible. Surprising Terms Sometimes, students experience personal or course-related difficulties that impact on […]

Appendix 20 – Certification of Awards: 2021-22

Appendix 20 details the regulations governing the certification of awards at Edge Hill University and encompass any printed verification of academic achievement or award issued by the University. Surprising Terms 2.2.7 is a critical term for students to be aware of The name that appears on the certificate is the full name that students are […]

Appendix 21 – Graduation Procedures: 2021-22

Appendix 21: Graduation Procedures outlines the student registration process to attend the ceremony (including the regulations governing guest tickets, special requirements and deferral requests). It details the implications that being in debt to the University has on attendance at the graduation ceremony, and the regulations covering changes to the ceremonies as a result of unforeseen […]