Appendix 24 – Revocation of Awards: 2021-22

Once made, Edge Hill University awards cannot be revoked aside from where there is proven academic malpractice. Appendix Two sets out the procedure to be followed in cases where academic malpractice, established after an award is made, requires that the award be revoked. Surprising Terms An award can be revoked once made where there is […]

Quality Management Handbook

Edge Hill University’s quality strategy has been developed and refined over time and forms part of an Academic Framework that also comprises the University’s academic regulations for taught and research degrees and frameworks for the design and delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate taught degree programmes . This Handbook describes the operational aspects of the strategy […]

Appendix 9 – Programme Closure: Procedures: 2015-16

This appendix to the Academic Regulations deals with the closure of a programme leading to an Edge Hill award. The procedure requires a formal application to the Academic Quality Enhancement Committee (AQEC) which will contain evidence of formal student consultation, typically through the relevant Programme Board. Closed programmes are normally phased out over a defined […]