Appendix 6 – Guidelines on Reasonable Adjustments and the Assessment of Disabled Students: 2016-17

Part of: Academic Regulations > Academic Regulations 2016-17 > Appendices 2016-17


Appendix 6 sets out Edge Hill’s approach to the assessment of disabled students. The appendix covers the principles informing the University’s position and provides details of the adjustments that can be made to forms of assessment and the procedure to be followed for agreeing such modifications.

Surprising Terms

  • Recommendations for alternate or modified assessment must be confirmed by an Assessment Modifications Board before they are put in place.
  • Modified or alternate assessment will not be applied retrospectively to assessments which have already occurred.
  • Students with approved modifications who are due to take a local test outside of the main institutional examination periods must contact their module tutor to make them aware of their requirements.
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