Appendix 10 – Repeat Year Policy: 2016-17

Part of: Academic Regulations > Academic Regulations 2016-17 > Appendices 2016-17


Students may apply to repeat a level where the position is such that a whole year of study has been impacted upon by exceptional circumstances or where timing is such that a repeat year would be appropriate. Appendix 10 provides details of the process to be followed for students seeking to undertake a repeat.

Surprising Terms

Students do not have a ‘right’ to repeat the year and are required to submit an application which will be judged by the evidence provided in support of the application.

Where a Repeat Year is approved, all modules/module assessments from that year must be repeated.  No marks, or elements of marks, will carry over from a previous attempt.

The opportunity to repeat a year is only available once across year two and three of an honours degree.

The consideration of a request for a Repeat Year requires academic judgement in relation to the appropriateness of the decision for the individual at that stage of the particular programme in view of the evidence of mitigation provided.  There is no right of appeal against this academic judgement. If however a student believes that there has been procedural error in a decision to reject an application for a Repeat Year, the normal Appeals process can be followed. Further details are provided under Appendix 22 ‘Appeals Procedures’.

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