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Appendix 16 – Fitness to Study Procedures: 2018-19

Part of: Academic
Part of: Academic Regulations
Part of: Academic Regulations 2018-19
Part of: Appendices 2018-19


Appendix 16 describes the procedure that would be used by the University where there are concerns that a student is not fit to study.  It is an open and supportive framework for dealing with a situation where a student’s health, wellbeing or behaviour could have a detrimental impact on their own or others ability to progress and function.

Surprising Terms

  • Section 1.3 - The term Fitness to Study as used in these procedures relates to the whole student experience and not just a student’s ability to engage with their studies.
  • In such exceptional cases, Edge Hill’s duty of care may require us to remove a student from the University.
  • Section 4.2.5 iii - A student can be suspended from the course for a specified period pending the outcome of a formal risk assessment.
  • Section 4.3.5 - The review meeting may consider the option to recommend to the Vice-Chancellor that the student is withdrawn from the University.
  • Section 5.2 - In all cases, return to study will require satisfactory medical evidence of the student’s fitness to study.
  • Appendix A B.9 - Failure to attend will not necessarily negate the proceedings, which, if deemed necessary, will go ahead in the student’s absence.
  • Appendix A B.9 III - The student’s return to study will be subject to confirmation by the Director of Student Services which may require a report from appropriately qualified experts approved by the University.