Students’ Union

Friends eating pizza in the SU Bar

Students’ Union (SU) bar and Venue

We are the proud winners of the Best Bar None (BBN) Award 2020 with Gold (100%). The BBN award is an industry recognition of responsible management and operation of licensed premises, ongoing improvements, and social responsibility.

The SU bar offers a great choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There’s something going on every night of the week, so if you’re up for a memorable time, or just looking for a quiet pint while you watch the match, taking part in the quiz, or want to get involved with karaoke, we should have a night for you!

You can even control the music in the SU bar with the free SUBTV Playlister app! Instantly identify and discover new music that’s playing, as well as search, request and vote for your favourite videos.

Please note that due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and current government guidelines, the SU bar may not be operating in its traditional way, whilst we endeavour to follow guidelines and provide a safe and healthy environment for you and our staff.

For up-to-date opening times, please check the SU website.


We also bring you the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain with a passion for delighting customers by serving delicious, made-to-order sandwiches.

Located opposite the SU Bar, our Subway also provides a click-and-collect option and a Just Eat delivery option so you can have you very own fresh sub, cookies and drinks delivered to your halls.

Check our website for the opening times and the Just Eat details which will be going live in September 2020.

Stone Willy’s Kitchen

Serving a variety of food from the takeaway kitchen counter located in The Street (next door to SU Bar), Stone Willy’s Kitchen is the perfect place if you need a quick snack whilst you’re on campus. With a menu ranging from sourdough pizza to sweet waffles, Stone Willy’s Kitchen is the best place to go if you need some comfort food!

For up-to-date opening times and offers check our website.

Did you know?

The SU commercial ventures fund your Students’ Union services – every pound you spend in our SU outlets (our Bar, Venue, Subway, Stone Willy’s Kitchen and our online shop) goes back into subsidising amazing things for you like the advice service and activities setup, so we NEED you to shop with us, eat with us, drink with us, and party with us! Do it all in the knowledge that you’re helping to make Edge Hill better!