Buck Brothers – All Brassicas

Buck Bros is a third generation family-owned business which was established in 1915. They currently farm 250 acres of marsh land in Hesketh Bank which is situated by the Ribble estuary in West Lancashire. They are main growers of Cauliflower, Spring Cabbage, Savoys and Brussels Sprouts.

Cockerill a family business for over 70 years – Jacket Potatoes

During the depression of the 1930s the founder of the company, Ronald S Cockerill, began farming a rented plot of land to grow carrots, later expanding with the acquisition of a farm tenancy near York. Potato and carrot trading operations developed alongside farming activities, and became the mainstay of the business following our role in the ‘Dig for Britain’ war campaign, distributing farm produce to those in greatest need.
Martin Cockerill, the present managing director and son of the founder, joined the company in 1967 and over the following years developed an aerial crop spraying service and a pre pack business serving retail multiples and large wholesalers. They have enjoyed substantial growth over the past five years and now operate a modern pack house with storage and grading facilities at Dunnington, where they have offices and a quality analysis laboratory. The site at Barmby Moor has also been developed for the storage of crisping potatoes, with high capacity washing and loading facilities. Sam Cockerill joined the company in 2003, adding a third generation to the Cockerill family business, as they look forward to another 70 years of growth and change.

Fylde Fresh & Fabulous – Maris Piper

Situated in Weeton, Preston, Colin has been growing potatoes for 21 years building up to 1200 acres and becoming one of McCain Foods largest growers. Colin is also a former Director of the British Potato Council and is Board Member of the new potato industry body, Potato Council Ltd. Fylde Fresh and Fabulous are our suppliers of Maris Piper, Cabaret, Victoria, Markies and Ramos. Throughout the year we mainly use Maris Piper for prepping.

Gores of Tarleton – Nadine, Charlottes and Washed Whites

The Ascroft family have been farming the land around Holmes in Lancashire since the turn of the century. The family tradition is currently in the safe hands of Peter and his wife and business partner Rosalind. Against the modern trends of monoculture (growing one crop only) they have chosen to stick to the traditional way of growing a variety of arable crops in rotation so as the goodness stays in the soil and pest and diseases are kept to a minimum.

Poskitts – Carrots

MH Poskitt is a family owned farming business based in the East Riding of Yorkshire specializing in the growing of root vegetables. Produce is grown, washed, packed and distributed all from one site enabling control in all aspects of production. A constant strive for perfection has grown the customer base and has developed and strengthened their position as one of the leading producers in the country.

Robert Wright & Sons – Carrot Grower

Robert Wright & Sons, Owned and farmed by Philip Wright and his son Stephen. A family business in Scarisbrick, Ormskirk passed down from Stephen’s Grandfather Robert. Carrots are the main crop of the farm along with cereal, wheat and barley. The farm grows and packs between 15 and 20,000 tonnes of carrots a year, supplying mainly fruit and vegetable wholesalers.

Huntapac Produce Ltd – Parsnips, White Turnips and Carrots

Huntapac Produce Ltd is a third generation family-owned business, which was established in 1942. Nestled in the village of Tarleton in the heart of Lancashire, they specialise in growing, packing and distributing a variety of organic and conven-tional root vegetables, brassicas and salads. Originally Huntapac supplied the local Fruit & Vegetable markets in Lancashire and Yorkshire however in 1967 a new pack house was built to cope with the increasing demand for high quality produce. Carrots are sown by Huntapac’s own experienced farm staff from January to May, when the early season carrots having lain under polythene to speed growth, are ready for harvesting, they are lifted during the night and transported to the factory at Tarleton in Lancashire where they will be washed, polished, graded and packed ready for the customer. These early season carrots are harvested by the top-lifting method where they are lifted from the ground by their tops. From October onwards until the end of the season share-lifting is used where the whole bed including the soil is taken.

S C Farrington -Growers of Broccoli and Chinese cabbage

The Farrington family has farmed in Lancashire for many hundred of years, history dates them back to 12th century. In more recent years this branch of the farming family has found its base in Hesketh Bank growing broccoli on the finest alluvial silts in Northern England. The area of land holds an abundance of minerals carried from the higher reaches of the River Ribble. The 2500 acres of cultivated land on the Ribble Estuary charge a natural high calcareous ph level of 7+, created by a tidal influence which is ideally suited for brassica production. Our current production is geared to broccoli season. Quality traceability and continuity of supply is paramount in this day and age and as a dedicated family of growers we offer this service backed by UK and EU Assured produce alongside Global GAP Assurance standards.

Alan Forshaw – Growers of Celeriac, Celery, Fennel, Pumpkins, Flat Lettuce and Oakleaf

Alan Forshaws of Tarleton, Preston, a family business that are passionate about the produce they grow. They won’t pick if it isn’t ready! They offer a full range of lettuce grown under glass and outdoor for a year round supply.

Blackdown Growers – Herbs, Rocket, Red Chard, Spinach and De-lux Mixed Leaf Salads

As a small family business Blackdown Growers has moved forward by diversifying into many exotic types of small volume lines for the processing and catering industry. They are committed to updating our systems of production and supply including all aspects of germination, growing, cooling, and sales. This enables their customers to receive products in the best possible condition. The growing of quality, well textured, fresh, leafy salads and herbs is a difficult and often tedious job. The fresh produce industry has continued to reflect major changes in both the widening of its sourcing and the contraction of its structure. This, in turn has been linked to a greater level of selection and choice. As this has happened it has led to a far greater interest in exotic and specialist produce.

Duerden Brothers – Salad Cress, Beansprouts, Watercress and Gems

Established in 1917 in Little Eccleston, Preston, this third generation business is run by two brothers Paul and James Duerden. Their main crops are Salad Cress, Watercress and Beansprouts.
A fleet of five chilled vehicles deliver around mainland Britain.