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FAQs: Issues with the ‘supply chain’

[expanding-boxes title=”What is a ‘supply chain issue’?” heading=”h2″]The term ‘supply chain’ is used to describe the process or series of events that it takes to get a product from a supplier (such as a chocolate company) to the customer. These products include items such as bottled drinks, packets of crisps and even ingredients in the freshly cooked food you see across our outlets. [/expanding-boxes]

[expanding-boxes title=”Why are there issues with the ‘supply chain’ to Edge Hill?” heading=”h2″]Nearly all industries are currently affected by issues with the supply chain, but the worst hit are; Hospitality, Audio Visual, Co2, Construction and Printing due to ongoing changes relating to the UK’s exit from the European Union. This creates delays and may cause deliveries to take longer due to coming from other countries.[/expanding-boxes]

[expanding-boxes title=”What does it mean for me?” heading=”h2″]It may mean that you cannot get the specific item you want to buy, we may not be able to create certain meals or drinks on our menu and that staffing numbers may be reduced in our outlets. [/expanding-boxes]

[expanding-boxes title=”What is the university doing to respond to the issue?” heading=”h2″]We are working with our suppliers to source alternatives to your favourite products wherever possible, for example replacing our regular brands of crisps with other popular brands and offering a different range of drinks. We are also increasing the amount of stock we buy in advance for items we know are more likely to become unavailable from suppliers.[/expanding-boxes]

[expanding-boxes title=”What can I do?” heading=”h2″]We would ask for your patience during this period as we work to minimise disruption to your regular purchases. Our front-line staff are working extremely hard to ensure we can deliver the best experience and service possible to you. If you have any ideas or feedback, we would ask you to share this with via the MyFM portal.[/expanding-boxes]