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Every member of this university has a responsibility to uphold and embed equality, diversity and inclusivity in every aspect of their day-to-day practices. Everyone has a responsibility to treat people fairly, to be supportive and to make a positive contribution, and we are committed to promoting and providing an environment that feels safe and protects the dignity and wellbeing of all. We encourage a culture where equality is promoted, diversity is valued and the rights and dignity of all are respected. We take a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination, harassment and victimisation and we are committed to addressing any behaviours that are recognised as being unacceptable and potentially unlawful.

What is Equality, Diversity and Inclusion?

Equality – ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and not discriminated against based on their protected characteristics.

Diversity – valuing the differences between the protected characteristics.

Inclusion – accepting all people irrespective of their protected characteristics, creating a culture in which everyone can feel valued, comfortable and confident in themselves.

Message from the Vice-Chancellor, Dr John Cater

“My intent for everyone, is that as a university, we ensure that we provide fairness and equity…it is a vital part, a vital cog, of what this university is about”.

Dr John Cater