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Georgi Rettey

Georgi Rettey – University Netball Officer

Name: Georgi Rettey

Age: 22

Year of study: 3rd 

Course: Physical Exercise and School Sport

Volunteer position: University Netball Officer

What skills have you gained through volunteering with Campus Sport?

I feel that volunteering has increased my confidence with different types of people and has increased my ability to understand the needs of people who want to be active (and not already in sport) and the challenges they face. The links I’ve made whilst volunteering have been useful too!

What have you enjoyed about your experience?

I’ve enjoyed taking part in new things to me. Eg. Bubble football and obviously being able to assist running events for charity.

How do you think volunteering will help prepare you for future employment?

A lot of what I had to say in my interview for England Netball and my experience was from campus sport too.