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Charlotte Seal

Charlotte Seal – University Netball Officer

Name: Charlotte Seal

Age: 20

Year of study: 3

Course: BA (Hons) Physical Education and School Sport

Volunteer position: University Netball Officer

What skills have you gained through volunteering with Campus Sport?

The Campus Sport volunteering programme has allowed me to develop myself holistically throughout my years at university. Delivering sessions has increased my confidence to speak to new people and lead a large group through an activity, something which will help me greatly later on in life. Along with my confidence increase, my leadership skills have developed further. Combining the two now allows me to feel more comfortable standing in front of an audience and engaging them with the activity in question. Additional skills I have developed through this programme that I feel have benefited me greatly are organisation and time keeping. Having to plan what to deliver within a session, arrive on time, ensure relevant equipment is set up, and make tasks last for a relevant period will be transferrable to different aspects of day to day life allowing me to be more organised in my future career.

What have you enjoyed about your experience?

The volunteering experience has been thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Getting to attend national University Netball Officer training with England Netball was an enlightening few days, meeting others in the same role whilst training and getting to play the game marked a few enjoyable days, not to forget the freebies! The social experience has also been a huge part of my time at university, mainly thanks to the volunteering programme. I’ve enjoyed getting back into sport and playing again myself. I was introduced to Netball Now as a participant just wanting an activity to do in the evening after lectures to have a break from studying. Having fun with people which I otherwise wouldn’t have met led me to apply for the UNO role which I successfully achieved, and continued to enjoy right until the end.

How do you think volunteering will help prepare you for future employment?

In addition to volunteering looking good on my CV, the skills I have gained from the UNO role will accompany my teacher training over the next year. Both the volunteer programme and my new course will compliment each other with the nature of them both being within a sport and education background. With one focus of the Campus Sport sessions being increased participation in sport, the aspects I have learnt about getting individuals involved can be adapted within a school environment to engage children within lessons and potentially hook them for lifetime participation.

As well as the skills previously mentioned I also organised a trip to London to a recreational tournament for the regular girls. The experience I gained from this will be transferable to other school trips that are to come in the future.

Finally, The links I have created with certain individuals from England Netball stands me in good stead for the future. They have offered their help and support for the coming months and are a good contact to have within a sporting occupation.

Is there anything we could do differently to give future volunteers an even better experience?

Honestly, there isn’t anything I would change about the volunteer experience. The only thing I wish I had done would be to attend or go watch a few other sessions just to see how they delivered them and potentially share a few ideas between all the volunteers, comparing what worked best, and what maybe didn’t work so well. Other than this, I believe the year has run smoothly and has been thoroughly enjoyable.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity.